Friendly reminder vaping does nothing for you 🤝💪🙏


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Apr 5, 2023
I’m proud of everyone here for wanting to be free. You’re amazing and deserve it, you deserve to enjoy life and everything in it without feeling chained to a vape. One thing I think is a huge key is remember vaping does nothing for us, it takes some time to drill this into your subconscious, but once you do, it’ll get rid of the urge to smoke, and the way I see it, what’s the point of getting rid of the substance without getting rid of the urge, if that’s the case then your just going to be feeling miserable because you feel like you can’t have something you want, and we quit to be free, not to be deprived. You’re amazing, and even if you slip, be easy on yourself. You’re not dumb, we just all got tricked into addiction, be kind to yourself. God bless and much love everyone 💪🤝🙏🤍
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